ENCE announces Rainbow Six Siege roster

After five years, we’re excited to return to the proving grounds of the Rainbow Six scene.

Rainbow Six Siege is among the games that forged ENCE’s name into the international esports records. Entering the scene in 2017, ENCE saw success and won the Pro League the same year, as well as helped launch the careers of many successful Finnish R6 talents.

Now, we’re ready once again to make waves by participating in the European League with a fresh lineup. Building upon our legacy, we’ve chosen to sign a talented French roster formerly known as Team Valor.

The full ENCE Rainbow Six Siege roster:

Christopher "SkyZs" Jauleski
Ilhan "Nayqo" El Jabbari
Hugo "Ra1koss" Kneip
Baptiste "JaKs" Dedienne
Théo "Frenchy" Leguay
Theo "AzoXx" Eudine (Sub)

Erdal "Akhdar" Coti (Coach)
Olivier "Azrod" Dalsace (Manager)

The most important tournaments in the R6 competitive calendar year are the two Majors and the R6 World Championship equivalent, Six Invitational.

Europe’s biggest competition, the EUL (European League), leads to Major qualifications for the highest-placing teams.

Our General Manager, Niklas "Willkey" Ojalainen, details his rich history in Rainbow 6 Siege and shares his personal thoughts on ENCE’s return:

“When I first started playing Rainbow 6 Siege, it was love at first sight. I played among the highest-ranked players and was approached by Joonas "jNSzki" Savolainen and Mikko "ProtaX" Mutanen, who wanted me to join their team for the Pro League. With me joining in, we wanted to show a professional and serious image, and together we came up with GiFu. 

Reaping success as GiFu, we were acquired by ENCE in 2017, and under the ENCE banner, we won the Pro League at the end of 2017. That was the first major trophy that ENCE ever won in any game, so R6 marks a significant milestone in ENCE’s history. We were one of the most dominant teams in the scene and created a lot of good memories — now it’s time to finally make our comeback with the Team Valor roster.

The team has been showing a lot of potential lately, beating up the tier-one teams, and now we’re giving them the chance to enter the high-tier tournaments. This is a win-win situation, where the players can bounce to new heights, and we can show ENCE is really back and ready to dominate once again in Rainbow Six Siege.”