ENCE signs an Overwatch 2 roster

In 2024, ENCE is reconquering territory. Today, we are happy to announce our expansion into Overwatch 2.

The cavalry's here! After recently announcing our return to Rainbow Six Siege, we are now excited to re-establish our place in the competitive Overwatch scene.

The full ENCE Overwatch 2 roster:

Roni "LhCloudy" Tiihonen, Tank
Ilari "Vestola" Vestola, Tank
Kai "Kai" Collins, DPS
Kevin "kevster" Persson, DPS
Petja "Masaa" Kantanen, Support
Aaro "ghost91" Ventola, Support
William "Crimzo" Hernandez, Support (Sub)

Jordan "Gunba" Graham (Coach)
Karl "Algos05" Seidemann (Team Manager)

ENCE is no stranger to the Overwatch scene; from 2017 to 2018, we competed in the prequel, Overwatch 1, focusing primarily on the Finnish scene. LhCloudy, who was part of the first ENCE Overwatch roster, returns now with sights set on success. “I began my pro career in ENCE in 2017. Winning the first Finnish Overwatch Championship inspired me to play better, and my time in ENCE gave me a lot of experience.”

ENCE Overwatch at Vectorama 2017; rCk, Cali, Trickwide, Ripa, BAITO, LhCloudy