Welcome, Tozeo

We are delighted to introduce ENCE's newest member, Francisco "Tozeo" Brunato, a talented Fortnite player and streamer from Argentina!

After all the comebacks to previous titles this year, ENCE is now setting its sights on conquering a completely new frontier with Fortnite. Francisco "Tozeo" Brunato, already an established content creator at just 13 years old, is also an up-and-coming talent in competitive Fortnite. Tozeo originally hails from Argentina and currently resides in Spain.

Tozeo began playing video games when he was only five years old, starting with Minecraft and later moving on to Fortnite and other competitive shooters. Displaying remarkable talent at such a young age, it became clear for him to pursue a career in gaming. Now, Tozeo has entirely dedicated himself to Fortnite as a professional player and content creator while also attending school.

"It's really cool to be part of one of the most recognized esports teams out there. I've known ENCE for years because of Counter-Strike, and now playing Fortnite for them is something I never would've imagined. I'm super happy about it!"

- Francisco "Tozeo" Brunato

Our journey with dedicated content creators began with Erik "Eki" Tammempää, an NHL World Champion, who, like Tozeo, leveraged his exceptional skills to produce engaging content. In 2023, ENCE launched the ENCE Creators program, expanding our roster of creators. “ENCE has given great support and advice that have helped me to grow my channels; I’ve learned a lot about creating a personal brand over these past 2,5 years”, remarked Eki when discussing the benefits of creating content with ENCE. Now, we want to extend that support to a new generation of emerging talent.

Due to Tozeo’s young age, he was not allowed to compete in Fortnite until he turned 13 six months ago. Now that he is eligible for tournaments, joining ENCE presents an exciting opportunity for further growth and learning within a professional environment. Tozeo’s father, Sebastián "sebakira" Brunato, deeply involved in his son’s career, notes: “You won’t typically find him creating casual content; whenever he’s live, he’s competing. His content displays the daily life of an aspiring professional player.”